When you’re right …

Our friend Larry Berezin over at New York Parking Ticket tells the amazing story of the NYC Department of Finance (DOF) losing an appeal to a ticket-fighter who felt the parking laws were (conveniently) applied only in one direction.

I don’t expect this to chance the DOF’s procedures, but it’s nice to see them called out for behaviour outside the bounds of the law.

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  1. Aren
    Mr. Ko, the petitioner, really showed a very high degree of integrity. After he filed his appeal to the Supreme Court of NY (trial court), the Department of Finance offered to dismiss his parking ticket. He refused because he wanted the court to make a finding on the merits. He’s a guy who really stepped up to the plate for all members of the NYC driving public and WON. The DOF got a spanking on this one.

    Let’s see whether the spanking works.